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Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp To The Rescue!

Are you looking for a nice lamp addition to your study room? Are you sick and tired of those so called Himalayan lamps that promise heaven and sky but they keep on letting you down every single time?

If the answer to those questions is yes, then you should keep on reading because we have the ultimate pink lamp proposal that will make all the other lamps in the house feel ashamed!

Sleek & Elegant Design Lamps For All Types Of Houses & Interior Decorations

Is your house modern or minimalistic, country style or busy city apartment? It doesn't really matter cause our lamps will fit perfectly everywhere you place them.

Choose among our many wonderful sizes and shapes, decorate your house, office, cottage or even summer house! Do you prefer dice, teardrop, natural, sphere, China fan or pyramid? You can get them all and start your Himalayan sea salt lamp collection!

Not being bulky at all, makes them easily portable to any place or device that has a USB charging port nearby! Pure perfection, right?

Easy To Use Pink Lamp For Multipurpose Experiences

Our USB LED light lamp is extremely easy to use and besides being a great lamp accessory, it can be used as a natural air purifier and refresher as well.

Reap all of the therapeutic benefits of our Himalayan salt lamps, create a cosy and safe atmosphere and diminish electromagnetic fields caused by your computer.

What are you waiting for? Get yours today and one as a housewarming gift to a friend.

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Product Features

THE ULTIMATE HIMALAYAN SALT LAMP: If you are looking for the greatest and most natural way to light things up either at home or in the office, then we got you covered. Our wonderfully crafted lamps are the best way to go and will compliment any given area around. Not only they will ameliorate your study room but also keep it purified and clean. Each lamp measures approximately 4x4x5 inches (10x10x12.7cm) and will fit harmoniously everywhere. NATURAL AIR PURIFIER LAMP: Our lamps can be used not only as simple lamps but they have a multipurpose role as well. They will easily and naturally purify the air around and refresh the atmosphere inside the house without having to use difficult to carry machinery that consume a great amount of electricity. These Himalayan lamps can also neutralize electromagnetic fields which are commonly generated by computers. You do have a computer at home, right? STURDY & DURABLE NEEM HARDWOOD BASE SALT LAMP: Our lamps are meticulously designed for LED lights but also a well-crafted base. Their base is made from durable and sturdy neem wood that will facilitate the placing of the lamp either on your desk, on the coffee table or next to your nightstand. Plus, you can place one lamp on the wall and enjoy wall mounted light! You may rest assured that your precious table won't get a scratch since all our lamps have a wooden polished area. SOFT & COMFORTING GLOW HIMALAYAN USB LAMP: UmAid Himalayan Lamps are powered by a USB cord and you can charge them either from your laptop or desktop or any other USB bearing device. The soft and comforting glow emitted from our Himalayan lamps is going to refresh the house and keep yourself and your beloved ones safe! Feel fresh and rejuvenated even from the first day of use. HIMALAYAN IONIC SALT LAMP WITH 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: These lamps are made to last and offer you better breathing air circumstances, no matter where you are. The delivered beautiful pink hue will uplift you spiritually and create a nice and happy atmosphere in the house. Since your satisfaction is our top priority, this product comes with 1-year money back guarantee policy, just in case you have any issues with it.

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