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Personal Branding – Discovering and Developing Your Brand

What is Personal Branding?

Personal branding is a method of marketing yourself, and creating an image of yourself to the world. What other people think of you has a lot to do with your approach to personal branding, and your influence in your image, in addition to outside influences that you have no control over.

While many times personal branding is a proactive approach to creating an image for yourself, there really is no avoiding personal branding. As you interact with various individuals, they will automatically generate an opinion and image about you, whether consciously or unconsciously. Considering how our brains are formulated to form associations with things and people, there is no way to avoid anyone formulating a label for you. As people form an opinion about you, your personal brand develops.

Personal branding occurs on a variety of levels. Simply speaking with a person, emailing a friend, and dressing a certain way will inherently develop your personal brand. In essence, personal branding involves all of the associations about you that people have formulated in their minds.

The Importance and Popularity of Personal Branding

Considering the rapid growth and popularity of the internet, personal branding is becoming a hot topic that is extensively discussed among people and businesses alike. The exponential rise in social media have made positive personal branding much more personal and much more within reach.

When it comes to keeping a business profitable, personal branding – whether on a small or large scale – is essential. The association formed with customers will have a huge influence on whether or not they make a purchase. Whether it’s the company at large, or the individual salesman, the branding and opinion that customers have on either party will influence their purchasing decision.

The internet has a huge impact on personal branding. It is extremely easy for anyone to write a negative comment or review of a product or service that consumers have experienced, which in turn have a great influence on other potential customers. Getting a handle on these negative complaints can have a serious impact on a company’s revenues. The only way to effectively deal with this online community of reviews and complaints is to establish a level of transparency and authenticity, and to leverage social media tools to level the playing ground.

The following is an outline of how to successfully create a positive personal brand to help you gain success in your business:

Create Your Personal Brand

There are many marketing methods that you can engage in to help develop a positive personal brand for yourself and your business. The following is a list of some of the more popular methods that can be employed to accomplish this task:

Create a business card – Business card usage has been around for decades, and although the world is more of a technologically-based place (as opposed to paper-based), this can still be an effective means of personal branding. This is one of the oldest ways that businesses have branded themselves, but it can still be quite effective.

Create an online portfolio – Having an online portfolio can showcase the work that you and your business have done in the past. Having an online presence of your previous work can showcase your ability to accomplish great results for future work.

Create a blog – Blogging can not only help to create and develop a positive personal brand, but it can also help any website associated with your brand to rank highly in the search engines. Those who contribute to their blog on a regular basis can have an even better search engine ranking, as well as have a better opportunity to further enhance their personal brand.

Create a LinkedIn profile – This is one of the best social media sites for businesses and professionals who wish to create a positive presence in the business realm. This social media network gives people the opportunity to combine their cover letter, resume, references and network base that can be used to do some personal advertising, look for new opportunities and interact with like-minded people that can help further enhance your personal brand and your business.

Create a Facebook profile – Facebook is not just for people to find long lost friends, or to post pictures of their weekend escapades. Facebook is used more and more by professionals who wish to establish their personal brand online. Considering the incredible popularity and use of Facebook by millions of people around the world, using this platform wisely can create a positive image and brand for you and your business.

Create a Twitter profile – Twitter is also a superior social media platform that can be used to develop your personal brand, if used wisely.

Benefits of Creating and Developing a Strong Personal Brand

There are many advantages to developing a positive personal brand:

  • Enhancing your self-awareness
  • Clarifying and attaining your personal goals
  • Creating presence and visibility
  • Creating a distinguished presence
  • Providing power and control over your business
  • Creating wealth by increasing revenues
  • Creating resilience by making your business stand out from the rest


Developing a positive personal brand can be time consuming and can require quite a bit of effort. However, it is all well worth it in the end. By engaging in personal branding, and effectively communicating to the world who you are and what you have to offer, you can successfully create a positive brand and image that people will be attracted to, which in turn can have a hugely positive effect on your business and your revenues.