Reputation Management: What it is, and Why it Matters For Business

Reputation Management to Maintain a Positive Image of Your Business

The reputation and image of a business is crucial to maintaining profitability and success. If your business has a negative image or reputation, this could have serious repercussions on the viability of the business. Maintaining a positive image is crucial, which is why many businesses nowadays are implementing reputation management into their overall business strategy.

What is Reputation Management?

Reputation management involves building and maintaining a positive image of a particular business. This involves trying to shape the public’s perception of an organization by influencing online information about that particular entity. Reputation management can actually be divided into three different categories:

1) Building – This reputation management strategy involves building a positive reputation and image for a business – particularly one that is just starting out and is looking to build a good image from the get-go;
2) Maintenance – For companies and corporations that are already established and currently have a positive image, maintenance involves keeping this reputation as strong and positive as possible;
3) Recovery – This type of reputation management involves improving upon a bad reputation that a business has received and built up for whatever reason. This involves taking active measures to instill a sense of positivity about a particular business, and spreading a positive image about the business.

Benefits of Reputation Management

There are huge benefits of having a positive image among consumers, and of employing reputation management methods. The following is a short list of how a business can benefit from reputation management:

  • It helps to build trust and communication between the business and its customers
  • It helps to bring in more sales through the advent of a better reputation
  • It helps businesses to gather information about their competitors that can be used for product development
  • It provides a monitoring system that helps to detect early warning signs that a negative view of a product or customer service is developing
  • It allows businesses to have a proactive approach to hear what people are saying about the business and its products and services

Methods of Developing a Good Reputation For Your Business

A big part of a business’ reputation comes from what current and potential customers see online about a particular company. Anyone can post a bad review or a poor description or experience that they have had with a specific company. The more people see this bad review or experience, the more that business will develop a bad reputation among online consumers.

Considering the fact that the web is connecting consumers across the globe more and more each day, it’s imperative that businesses incorporate an online reputation technique to maintain a positive reputation, and improve on a negative one. Here are a few techniques that can be used for reputation management practices:

Be Proactive – Being proactive instead of reactive can have a great influence on how your positive image is maintained. Trying to stay on top of any negative reviews or experiences documented online can make things much easier for your business, instead of always coming from behind to improve your business’ online reputation.

Be Transparent – Being totally transparent and actively providing public disclosure can have a great positive influence on consumers about your business. If a mistake is made, it is essential that the business steps up and admits the error, and tries their very best to rectify the situation. Having such transparency will give consumers a better impression of your business’ practices and will build a trust factor among consumers.

Blog Regularly – Blogging every day about a positive aspect of your business will keep you active in the minds of your consumers, and can help to provide an image of the business as one that is relevant and cares about the consumers.

Engage in Social Networking – Getting involved in social media is a great way to communicate with your consumers, and essentially go one-on-one with the online community. Maintaining a presence in social media sites can help to build and maintain a positive image of a business that listens to their customers.

Be Charitable – Investing in charitable organizations can have a positive effect on your business’ reputation. These charitable donations do not need to be too large for what your business can afford – simply the act of helping the community will provide a positive image of any business.


Effective reputation management is a practice that should be incorporated into any business strategy. With the strength and dominance of the internet, it is imperative that businesses do their best at building, maintaining or repairing their reputation and image in order to develop customer ties and in turn lead to increased sales and profitability. Keeping up with these reputation management practices on a regular basis is key to building and maintaining a positive image of a company in the eyes of the consumer market.

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